Why you shouldn’t make a new year’s resolution

Happy_New_Year_text.pngA lot of people go into the new year with at least one new year’s resolution. Usually it’s one of the following:
– Lose weight
– Exercise more
– Less worry and more fun
– Don’t spend so much money
– Be healthier
The amount of people who actually stick to their resolution is immensely low. Most people will have already forgotten or given up by March. It’s really no surprise when we look at why people make these resolutions.


A big part of sticking to your new year’s resolution is your motivation. Most people make a new year’s resolution because they think they have to. As the saying goes ‘new year, new me’. This is one of the weakest reasons to try to achieve something and you will hardly put any effort into it in the long-term.
Motivation needs to come from within. You need to really feel it to be able to do it. Your motivation to lose weight should be because you’re not satisfied with your body, not because the number on the calendar has changed. Your motivation to spend less money should be so you can buy something in the long run or because you’ll run into trouble if you continue the way you do, not because the number on the calendar changed. That number on the calendar shouldn’t make you feel any different; your personal experiences should.

Small steps

Should you actually have the right motivation for your resolution but you still end up not sticking to it, you’re probably trying to do it faster than you should. For example, if you’re losing weight then you’ll want to set a small goal to begin with like a 3-5 kilo weight loss within a month. If you urge yourself to lose 10 kilo by then end of January then you’ll end up quite disappointed and will quickly lose your motivation.
The easier the goals are to achieve, the better your progress will be and the happier you’ll feel. If you’re not sure of what steps you should take to lose weight or what your goal should be, it’s best to contact a weight consultant so you can set reasonable goals and achieve them easier.

Any day of the year will do

If you’re really committed to do something then the day of the year shouldn’t matter. As said before, the tradition of having a new year’s resolution usually doesn’t work out well for your goals unless you’ve got the right motivation. Once you have the motivation you need to grab it by the tail and hold on to it. If you find that motivation in January then start working on it in January. If you find it in October then start working on it in October. The date shouldn’t have any influence on your goal, if you want something you have to go for it. Work towards a better you because you want to, not because you feel like it’s expected of you.


3 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t make a new year’s resolution

  1. It’s true. You need to break down your long term goal into short term goals. No easy route. First achieve your short term goals and it will automatically give you the power and extra energy that you need to achieve that ultimate goal. You will fail and encounter setbacks. But at last, it will be worth. Every second counts. Keep going.
    Stay fit. Spread love. Peace.

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