Your Personal Diet Plan

Losing weight can be a rough journey but I’m here to help you!
I have studied dietetics and would love to help you achieve your goals.
Personally I have lost 15KG and I’m still going. I don’t hold myself to any crash diets and I believe that losing weight should be done using normal food, not supplements. Supplements can work for a short amount of time but  after you’ve lost the weight it will start creeping up on you again.

Feel free to contact me on if you’re interested in my help.


Price list:

Weekly motivation – FREE

Consultation – $10

Includes: Evaluation of current diet, tips on how you could change your diet for the better, evaluation on weight

Personal calorie/nutritive value plan – $10

Lesson on reading food labels – $6.50

10 Personal sessions (5 weeks)- $50

Includes: Evaluation of current diet, tips on improving diet, weight evaluation, nutritive value evaluation, weekly motivation, optional diet plan, information about food labels.