How to stay motivated to lose weight

16927430497_55f4c79846_b.jpgWe’ve just celebrated Christmas and are preparing for the new year. For some of us this means looking forward to partying on new year’s eve and enjoying all the food that comes with celebration. For others this means making preparations to start losing weight in January.
Losing weight can be a tough struggle and one of the most challenging things about weight loss is keeping yourself motivated. I’ve listed some effective ways to keep yourself motivated. I’ve used these myself when I was trying to lose weight and they worked quite effectively for me.

Team up

Losing weight together with a friend or family member is one of the best motivation tips out there. By going through this journey together you will not only understand what the other person is experiencing but you will also have fun while doing it! Those lonely walks will now turn into walking while having a pleasant conversation and preparing food in the kitchen will now become even more fun by having someone there to help you. If you’re trying to lose weight by going to a weight consultant, there are quite a few weight consultants out there (including myself) who will keep in mind that you’re doing it together and adjust their plans accordingly.

The internet is your friend

You can find tons of pictures on the internet which you could use as motivation. Some of them have motivational quotes and others might have a picture of a fit person. Maybe even both. I’ve found that looking at these pictures increased my will to work out at that very moment which made it a lot easier to make that first step. Maybe pictures aren’t really your thing. In that case I would suggest looking up other people’s experiences with losing weight via a blog, forum or any other kind of website.

Weight consultant

A weight consultant isn’t just there to plan a diet for you. You should see your weight consultant as a friend with an expertise in dietetics. Whenever you need help or when you find it hard to keep going, contact your weight consultant. He or she will help you get back on track with the right motivation. This also helps your weight consultant know what you’re going through and they could adjust your diet plan accordingly. I offer weekly motivation for free to those who want it.

Your ultimate goal

Another great motivator is to remember why you’re trying to lose weight. This isn’t always easy to do when you’re feeling down so I suggest you put a little reminder somewhere. Reminders could be a piece of clothing which you’re trying to fit in laid out on your desk so you see it every day, a stick-it note on your door reminding you why you’re trying to lose weight or even a picture of someone with the body you’re trying to achieve hung above your bed. As long as you’re being reminded why you’re working on your weight you will think twice about splurging.


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