4 ways to keep cool this summer

Some countries are experiencing the hottest summer since a few years right now and most of us are slowly but surely starting to get exhausted from the heat. We try all sorts of things to keep ourselves cool, some of us might even sit in the freezer for a few minutes. But what really helps us keep cool in hot weather?

 1. Drink enough water.

Drinking water could possibly be one of the most important things you need to remember with this weather. Drinking water is always good for your health (as you can read in this blog post), but it is vital that you keep your hydration levels up when it’s warm so that you don’t get dehydrated. Your water intake should be slightly higher on warmer days than usual. If you normally drink 2 litres, drink at least 2.5 on warm days.


You could choose to drink soda most of the day but as we know, soda has a lot of sugar in it and only makes us more thirsty. Instead, if you want water with a flavour,  you could try some infused water. I like to use Monochef’s infusion pitcher to infuse my water with various fruits. You could also use the infusion pitcher for tea seen as tea doesn’t contain any calories either.

Fruits will also keep your hydration levels up so if you’re fed up of drinking water all day, try to add a fruit salad to your menu!

2. Don’t over-do it.

Once you’ve welcomed the idea of working out daily, you don’t really want to let it go. When it’s warmer than 30 degrees celsius, I recommend you don’t make your workout as tough as usual or even scrap it completely. Your body is already ridiculously warm from the weather and working out will only make you hotter. You could eventually get dizzy and faint which would both ruin your day and your workout.

If you do work out, make sure to drink enough water to keep you hydrated as you will be sweating even more than before.

I honestly suggest a simple walk on hot days, it’s safer and will still give your body the movement it needs.

3. Make sure to have a cool source near you.

I’m pretty sure we all try to keep cool when it’s warm. It’s ridiculously warm, the weather is making us tired and we really can’t be bothered to cook something proper to eat tonight. Keeping yourself cool is vital if you want to feel energised throughout the day. Keeping cool is a simple matter of bringing your body close to a cold source like a fan, ice or water.small-fan

I use a small fan beside my laptop whenever I’m working or playing games and I absolutely love it. I couldn’t be more grateful for anything on warm days than my fan. Putting ice cubes in water is also a great option, or even putting them in your mouth or rubbing them over your arms and head. As long as they keep you cool.

4. Wear colourful clothes.

Some of you might be tilting your head in complete confusion right now. How does wearing colourful clothes help you keep cool?

summer clothes
Credits: @GRACEANDBEAUTYSTYLE on instagram

Darker clothes tend to attract warmth and keep hold of it, so if you’re wearing dark clothes you will quickly start sweating and feeling like you’re burning up. Wearing colourful clothes, on the other hand, won’t attract so much heat and they often let more air through aswell depending on the material. A skirt or shorts with a colourful or even a white t-shirt should help you get through the day.


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