How happiness can affect your weight

Even though you might be doing everything right when it comes to losing weight or keeping fit, you could still be doing something fundamentally wrong and causing your body to gain weight. The number one culprit of gaining weight is stress. You might ask yourself: can happiness cause weight loss? The answer is yes.

Stress and weight loss

Stress can cause you to both lose weight and gain weight. Everyone reacts differently to stress. Some people experience a severe case of stress which can eventually lead to anxiety. A lot of the time these people will develop unwanted weight loss. This kind of weight loss is not healthy and can mess up your hormones so it’s best to work on this as soon as possible. Of course, it would be best to eliminate the source of stress but this isn’t always possible. If your source of stress is work, for example, it’s not quite that easy to just get up and leave. In this case, you will have to work on reducing the stress to a minimum. You can do this by either trying to work something out with your boss or you can try to reduce it in your free time.

If you choose to work on reducing your stress levels outside of work or school, you might want to think about exercise. It’s one of the best methods to reduce stress as it releases a substance in your body which fights stress makes you feel better.

3D Character with head in hands, sitting on the word Stress

Another option you could try is meditating or yoga. This isn’t for everyone but it can’t hurt to try. Setting aside a spot in your daily schedule for meditation gives you the time to sit in silence and clear your head. After a stressful day, most people just want some peace and quiet and that is exactly what meditation offers you. You could even combine yoga with pilates in order to get PiYo which is a great way to exercise your body at the same time. I have seen great results in my body when doing the PiYo workout.

If those two options aren’t really your cup of tea then you could always go to a friend or family to talk about your problems. It really helps to let off some steam instead of cram up all your feelings.

Stress and weight gain

As said before, stress can both cause weight gain and weight loss. When you’re stressing, your body thinks you’re using a lot of calories for this when you’re not really using any more than you would usually use. This causes the hungry feeling you get when you’re stressed. We’re quick to grab comfort food when we’re stressed instead of that healthy apple or oatmeal.


People often ask how to lose stress weight and complain about stress and weight gain in the stomach. The answer is pretty much the same as I’ve said in the paragraph above: get rid of the stress source, if that’s not an option then exercise and rest. You can give into cravings a little bit, denying yourself any cravings will just cause even more stress, but be sure to stay on the right track with your daily consumption. It would be a shame to see you become unhealthy due to outside sources.

So how does being happy make me healthy?

Happiness can effect your health both in a positive and negative way. As we know, stress causes us to lose or gain weight in an unhealthy way. Being happy can help you make healthier choices and focus more. You’re more likely to grab an apple or eat one biscuit instead of five when you’re happy because you don’t need the comfort food. There’s nothing telling you that you absolutely need to eat that muffin. You’re able to focus on your life more instead of worrying about everything. You can both focus on doing your work correctly and taking care of your body.

stress free zone

Drinking enough water per day instead of soda can help keep this happy feeling alive. Make sure to get enough sleep every day as this can help towards  a better and productive mood. Keep this happy mood and don’t let anyone ruin it for you.

If you need to take a giant step in a different direction in order to be happy then go for it! You never know what will make you happy unless you try.



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