The hardest part of losing weight

Counting calories is an important part of losing weight but there are so many other factors you should be taking into consideration when you’re trying to lose weight. A lot of people think that calories are the only thing that matters on a food label but calories only tell you so much about a product. There’s a reason all those other things like carbohydrates and protein are included on the food label and it’s not just for show.



What exactly are calories?

Calories are the energy which fuel your body. Every action we do like walking, lifting, breathing and even thinking take energy. This energy we need can only be found in food and drinks and can’t be produced by our body. The true meaning of 1 calorie is “the amount of energy needed to make 1 kilo of water 1 degree warmer”. You can imagine why we need so many calories a day. As said before, every process in your body needs energy to function properly. There is a minimum amount of calories you need to consume daily in order for your body to work properly. If you go below this amount you will lose weight but you will also lose functionality. Once you start eating properly you will get the all famous ‘yo-yo’ effect. If you want to know how many calories you should be eating to lose weight feel free to contact me! Everyone’s body is different so you can be sure that the average amount named on the internet doesn’t count for you.

What else should I be looking at?

If you’re looking at food labels to choose your food then you should be looking at everything. Everything on the food label is important and contributes to your weight loss in some way or another whether it’s good or bad. Salt, for example, absorbs water so if you eat something which contains a lot of salt then you will see a higher number on the scale due to water weight. Proteins are a good source of energy and they don’t include much fat so something with a lot of proteins should, theoretically, be good for your metabolism.
Although this all sounds very rainbows and sunshine in theory, it’s much harder than it sounds. You need to look at everything combined and also take the rest of your food into consideration for that day. Counting calories can be a pain in the butt and I don’t recommend it for people who are only just starting their weight loss journey. I will make sure to give you more information on food labels in the short future.

So what should I do to lose weight?

First of all you want to look at your daily intake. Are you eating properly? Healthy? Enough? Or are you eating unhealthy in weird portions and without enough nutrition?

Being overweight while you are eating the bare minimum can still cause you to gain weight instead of lose it. This is caused by eating the wrong kinds of nutrition.



You need to eat proper portions and healthy food containing the right amount of nutritions. This doesn’t mean you have to keep yourself on a strict diet and never be able to enjoy eating again. It means eating some fruit and vegetables daily and adding meat to your daily menu. If you are a vegetarian there are tons of options available nowadays to get the nutritions you would usually find in meat elsewhere. Make your portions smaller, your plate doesn’t have to be full. Use smaller plates to make your portion seem bigger. Have a sandwich with some cheese. But enjoy a little piece of chocolate aswell. Everything in moderation.

Is that all I need to do?

There are certainly a lot more things you could do to lose weight more efficiently, but it’s a great start. The hardest part of losing weight is changing your menu so I suggest you try this significant but also small change to start off with. Once you feel that you’re eating healthier than before, we can start focusing on other things.
This is the hardest part of a diet and I trust you can do this.

If you need any help finding out your ideal amount of calories to stay fit or to lose weight feel free to contact me.
I’m here for you if you ever feel stuck or just need motivation. Don’t give up.


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