3 Reasons for you to start drinking more water

Most of us drink at least one glass of water per day and fill up the rest of our day with things like Cola, Iced Tea, Fruit juice or something else with flavour. It’s nice and cool because it’s been in the fridge and it’s much easier to grab a bottle and open it instead of having to walk back and forth to the sink all the time to fill up your glass.

No sugar or calories

You might think that this is such a small amount of your daily intake so it doesn’t matter if you drink something sugary, but you couldn’t be more wrong.
Take a look at the following picture.

Credits: sugarfreeinstitute.com

The highest amount on this picture is clearly the cola which contains 35 grams of sugar per can. Now keep in mind that you’ll probably drink a few of these drinks per day.

Sugar is not something our body can make naturally and the only part of our body which actually makes use of the sugar is our liver. Our liver will take the sugar and turn it into fructose which then gets turned into fat and is secreted into our blood.

Quicker metabolism

Aside from being healthier than the average drink, water can also speed up your metabolism. The liver helps your body break down the fat and turn it into energy and it also aids your kidneys in doing their job. Without water your liver will need to work overtime in order to help your kidneys. This means that the time your liver spends on aiding your kidneys can’t be used to turn your fat into energy which leads to your body storing the fat.

I think we both know that we’d rather have our liver break down the fat than helping our kidneys in order to get that bikini body.

You’ll eat less

Now I know this sounds weird, but drinking water will actually help you eat less!

A lot of the time we will eat whenever we feel like eating. What if I told you that most of these times we eat purely out of boredom? What do you do when you’re bored? There are tons of people who will grab some snacks and watch some Netflix because they don’t know what else to do, or they’ll blindly see what’s in the fridge without really knowing why they went there in the first place and end up grabbing a bite to eat.


Next time you find yourself having the urge to grab something small to eat because you’re not really hungry, but you’re not full either, try drinking a glass of water. The water will make your body think it has to digest something soon and end up making you feel as though you just had something to eat. This is a great tip for those moments when you feel like snacking just before dinner is ready!

The moral of the story is that you should drink more water because it’s healthy for you and can greatly aid you in weight loss or getting fit in general. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water if you’re looking to stay fit or lose weight. Any amount past this is welcome but keep in mind that too much water can also be a bad thing!




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